Ida Reeder
Sales Agents

I'm 43. I was born in California, but I traveled a lot as a kid. Arkansas has always been the place that I have loved the most out of all the states that I have lived in.  I have been married for 14 years to David Reeder, who is my best friend. We have 2 boys, age 6 and 8. I also have a son from a previous marriage that is 25. We  have 3 Great Pyrenees dogs and a basset hound. We own a ranch outside of Dover. I have a BA in Psychology and a minor in Rehabilitation. I have worked many jobs in the past so I could be considered a jane of many trades. I have worked at Taco Bell, chicken plant, catching chickens, boat builder, office manager, truck driver,  worked in a drug and alcohol rehab, building camshafts, did horse riding lessons and gave trail rides on my ranch. Now I'm a realtor. I wish I would have got in this profession years ago, but I feel that all the different places gave me a little of something, of who I am. I love working with people, I love to travel, and I love to see different houses so being a realtor is the perfect place for me.  I have many hobbies, which include making quilts, fishing, shooting, riding horses and four wheelers. I do hunt but only for food. I can kill, skin, cut up and package a deer in a few hours. I guess I can be considered a little country.

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